Obviously He Needs More Attention

We had a cookout last Saturday with our family to celebrate Easter. You know the type of event when I would naturally be taking pictures. So when B3 came upstairs with a gray t-shirt on I nicely asked him to walk back down with me to put on a more colorful shirt. I explained that it was because when I take pictures they look nicer if you are wearing something more colorful. This translated into B3’s mind that my plan was to do a photo shoot of just him, he was giddy. I’m certainly not one to turn down taking pictures of a happy little boy so I happily obliged.

Now hold your hat for this one. I was going to take a picture of B4 in her dress but again B3 was determined that he needed to be there too. So here you go, cutest Easter 2011 picture.

4 thoughts on “Obviously He Needs More Attention

  1. Casey and David you have the most beautiful children. If I could fill a house up with them I would. I keep telling Blake that one day he will have all kinds of kids to play with just right across the road. I hope they have as much fun as we used to. He already loves the creek. He runs down there and says water water everytime we go outside.

  2. I saw Blake looking out the door when I was mowing the other day, he’s such a cutie. Yes, the creek will get lots of use as all of these kids get older. Just need to get him a pair of creek boots. 🙂

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