Real Men

During the NBA Finals you may hear heroic tales of Kobe Bryant taking the game for the Lakers.  No doubt tonight at some point in the NFL Draft a pick has been described as a hero for what they have done on the football field.  With all the coverage of birth certificates and weddings I want to turn your attention to a real man, Tom Lee.  The Southeast has been devastated by storms and tornadoes the past couple of weeks.  This is an excerpt from an article written by Doug Phillips on the Vision Forum:

“But in his last great act of fatherhood, Tom Lee had the presence of mind to throw himself on top of his children, including his first-born son Jordan. Looking up at his father Jordan saw the blood in his father’s mouth and witnessed as the breath began to leave his father, but was able to hear the last words of his father’s crying out to God for the safety of his family. Then the spirit left the body of Tom Lee.”

Please take the time to read the entire article and keep the Lee family as well as all those who have been affected in your prayers.

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