Mind Dump Monday

– For someone who watches and seeks out very little news myself I can truly say that there has been lots in the news lately.  From birth certificates to tornadoes, from weddings to deaths it’s all been a little overwhelming.  I’m choosing to keep my opinions to myself on all of these topics but if you would like to voice yours go right ahead I would love to hear what you have to say.

– May starts a crazy busy month for us.  We have two small trips planned, one with all of our blessings and one without.  We will watch my brother-in-law graduate from college in a couple of weeks and then head to Winston Salem (just David and I) for a homeschool conference.  Mixed in with those things we have Mother’s Day, Homecoming at church and end-of-year testing for B1 and B2.

– How do you choose names for your babies?  Do you look for inspiration in certain places, use family names, or check out one of the thousands of name books available?  We’re not quite at the name choosing stage yet but we’ll be there soon enough.  I find that it helps to know what your naming, boy or girl before you start the process.  It’s easier for me to focus on one or the other.  Although I would be up for not finding out the sex of the baby, I’m sure that we will end up finding out anyway.  Someone doesn’t like surprises, ahem.  As for the name, as usual, we’ll be holding off on telling that until baby is here.  Supposing we went with a name like Pipa, you probably wouldn’t voice your opinion about not liking the name Pipa as you were staring at cute little Pipa where if we told you before hand you might have a negative reaction, that’s our reasoning.

– My recent renewal of couponing as been quiet successful.  Want to hear my secret for using them?  Okay I’m sure couponing people have always known this.  Only use the coupon when the product is already in sale otherwise buy the cheaper brand, tada!

– I locked my keys in the car during one of our two trips we made to the dentist last week.  Of course I didn’t realize it until after we had sat in the dentist office for an hour and 45 mins.  My husband came to the rescue but only after we spend 30 mins. walking around the block waiting for him to get there.  It annoys me when I do dumb things, but it still happens.

– B1 and B2 got a lesson in changing a tire yesterday after we ran over something on the way home.  David had been meaning to teach such a life lesson so a flat tire gave him the perfect opportunity.

– Back to dental talk, looks like we will be making an appointment with an Orthodontist in the near future for one of the B’s.  As for one who had her first encounter with braces in the third grade, I’m not looking forward to this.  They are a pain and they are expensive, but I will at least hear them out and no doubt we’ll have some toothy decisions to make in the future.

Have a great week!


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