Encounters With Celebrities

I want to hear your stories today.  What celebrities have you come in contact with before?  I have shaken hands with a few famous people because of my job including George HW Bush, General Colin Powell, Bill Clinton and most recently Brian Williams.  I came pretty close to shaking hands with Sarah Palin a few years ago on the campaign trail.  Funniest encounter and closest is probably with the actor Sinbad.  I know, stop laughing.  I sat in a training workshop behind him in 2000 at Macworld in San Francisco.  It was an all day workshop and we talked during the breaks.  Fast forward five years later I was back at MacWorld in San Francisco standing at a booth beside the restrooms.  Sinbad walks up and strikes up a conversation and asks me to hold his bag while he runs to the bathroom.  Strange?  Yes!

What about you?  Have you had any encounters with celebrities?

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