Overheard around the house

During devotionals tonight we were talking about being a sluggard.  After devotionals and prayers B1 tells us his new baseball glove says sluggard on it.  It took me a second because I was tired, but I finally got it.  Louisville Sluggard just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

We were walking around the Dogwood Festival Saturday and a bear mascot came up to us.  It was a local insurance agent following him around and taking pictures with a Polaroid.  Keep in mind this is an unusual concept for our kids, a camera that spits the picture out?  They were amazed and I have to admit that I still marvel at the coolness of them.  Later on that night B1 comes by Casey and I in the kitchen and proudly proclaims, “Watch this!”  He tosses the picture against the refrigerator expecting it to stick.  It bounced off and fell to the floor.  His response, “Hmm…I thought it would stick.”  He thought the black film on the back was a magnet.  You live and learn I guess.

B3 has been signing about dancing gum for the past few weeks.  No clue, but it involves a dance.  A while back it was Pickle.  Look there’s Pickle’s car.  When are we going to Pickle’s house?

B4 telling knock knock jokes on the way to church last night was hilarious. “Knock knock, whose there, car, beep beep”  Those are my kind of knock knock jokes, one sided ones.

B2 has started calling donkeys by their Biblical name.  He doesn’t know it has another meaning.  One of our Sunday School kids did try to explain to us Sunday that it had a double meaning, but we stopped before he went any further.

“Momma really wants some donuts for Mother’s Day.  I haven’t had donuts in a looooong time.” — B1

“Want Some” — B4

That’s all I can think of now.  Anything funny going on at your house?

2 thoughts on “Overheard around the house

  1. Well, my kids go on these “rhyming spells” where they just start spitting out all kinds of words that rhyme. Of course, if you have ever heard any kid start doing that, after a few rhymes start coming words that are bad words. Of course my kids don’t know what these words are and at home its no big deal, but why do they insist on doing this rhyme fest in the store, and at the check out counter??? Seems like this happens all the time!

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