And I Was Totally Serious

Mother’s day gets you thinking or at least gets my mother thinking about all kinds of things.  Which is how the subject of our future grandchildren came up the other day.  The fact that we have the potential to have quite a few grandchildren was brought up.  I have to admit the idea of grandchildren is pretty foreign to me, I mean we’re right in the middle of raising our own children so grandchildren, nope I haven’t gone there yet.  But the idea did spark a thought of what on earth we would do when our children were grown and we were grandparents.

In my husband’s mind this time of our lives would involve an RV and lots of traveling.  That might be fun for a while but I tend to not be the best rider in the world so we should definitely rent the RV as opposed to buying.  In my mind this would involve a flower garden, lots of free time with my husband, some traveling, and limited cooking on my part.  As for the grand kids I would totally offer to babysit when they need a date, want to go to the local homeschool conference (yes, I’m sure they will want to homeschool their kids), or have an appointment.

All of our boys declared they were of course going to have at least five kids of their own, meaning if all of our kids have five kids we’re looking at twenty-five grand kids!  It was at that point that I looked at my husband and said “please let them marry stay-at-home wives, I don’t think I can keep 25 grand kids”.

And I was totally serious.


I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day, I know that I sure did.  I was showered with many homemade cards and gifts, it was a special day!

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