Help, I can't sleep

Sleep, some people have no problems with it and others can never seem to get it.  I have no problems with sleep.  I can pretty much close my eyes at night and be out in a few minutes.  Ok, except for that one time when I downed a large Starbucks that I thought was a decaf before bed.  Yeah, that was a long night/morning.

Anyway, the boys are normally good sleepers.  They all sleep in a rather large room.  B1 and B2 are in bunk beds and B3 insisted on having his small bed under the bunk beds next to B1.  B2 usually sleeps through everything.  In the past few months I have been awoken a couple of times by storms.  B2 woke up the next morning and didn’t know anything about the storm.  B1 on the other hand runs jumps out when he hears anything that sounds like thunder, looks like lightning and pretty much smells like rain.  I can remember in our first house when he was terrified by the train at night.  We resorted to playing classical music every night then and have settled on a louder humidifier now.

I post this tonight because there has been a traffic jam on the stairs.  Up, down, up, down…..  B2 is a prolific reader, he can seriously read through a book in a day or two.  He got a book last week that had something in it that scared him.  He has been up the past few nights because he kept thinking about the book.  We’ll talk to him a little and he is fine.  B1 has been up because he thought he heard lightning and it might start raining.

So tonight I wanted to know about you and your kids.  Are they good sleepers?  Do they have nightmares or things that scare them at night?

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  1. I say this cautiously because things are sure to change because I say it “out loud”. Derek is my perfect sleeper. Give him warm milk before he gets laid down, a paci, his blanket, shut the door and do not go in under any circumstances whatsoever. NO REASON – try not to even walk by his room, and he will sleep through the night. Oh, and he has to sleep with a stuffed Woody doll from Toy Story.

    CJ……….recently has gotten way way better about going to bed, sleeping through the night with no arguments, but if a storm comes, as is going on right now, he will wake up. He does have nightmares but pretty much if someone lays with him, he will go back to sleep. Sometimes a cup of milk is all it takes to calm him back into a sleep. If he does wake up with a nightmare or a storm, he does end up sleeping with one of us on the couch or in our bed. He’s getting so long, there’s not enough room in our bed for all three of us anymore. We co slept with CJ until Derek was born, so it took a good long while to get him in his own bed. I’ve heard Melatonin is a good natural supplement to help with sleep.

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