Looking For The Small Things

We like the outdoors around here. You can find us there most mid-days and afternoons. Sometimes we just enjoy watching the kids play and other days we go on nature walks to discover things around us. Just yesterday David and the kids were collecting insect exoskeletons and today they’ve been digging at and learning about all the creatures living in a dead tree stump.

So you can imagine how excited we were to come across a bird’s nest under our porch about a month ago. We had noticed a small bird hanging out in the area but never imagined that it would be looking for and finding a place to construct its nest. It chose a bright blue infant swing that was hanging up in a nail. Maybe not my choice for my emerging babes to live but I guess it suited her just fine.

For weeks we’ve closely watched the nest and made sure to be extra cautious around it. By the time we noticed the nest it already had the cutest and tiniest, blue eggs in it. One day a couple of weeks ago we could no longer see the bright blue eggs, but didn’t want to get close enough to look farther into the nest.

Finally last week we discovered the babies. The tiny baby birds with the big mouths and the cutest squeaking noises. We’ve watched them for well over a week now even getting to see mama bird fly in to feed them every now and then. Just last night we were commenting on how quickly they were growing. Today when I looked into our little nest I noticed it seemed a bit bare. Upon farther inspection I realized that it was in fact empty. Our baby birds have left the nest!

So to most adults something like this really wouldn’t be that big of a deal other than the inconvenience of having to work around a bird’s nest in the yard. But to our kids, it’s been the coolest thing ever. Being able to check on the eggs and then the baby birds every day and just knowing that such exciting things were happening so close to them. The whole experience reminded me to take joy in the little things. It wasn’t just the kids that enjoyed the process, I think it’s safe to say that David and I were just as excited.

When chaos abounds in life it’s so nice to just sit back and watch some of God’s creations.

One thought on “Looking For The Small Things

  1. I totally agree. This morning, as Mark was getting his stuff together for his job , I sat down on the steps to watch him, but this bird kept getting my attention. I watched this male cardinal calling his mate, and listened to how he would sing a certain song, and others would sing in a different song, but there was only ONE that he was talking to. It was so neat to watch them. God has made such a vast and wonderful creation, I enjoy watching it all!

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