Watch Our For The Wildlife

B3 is convinced that everything in our yard is biting him.  Last week we went out and the mosquitos were pretty bad.  I can be anywhere within a mile of one and it finds me.  I got eaten up and so did B3.  That night after he got out of the shower I was putting medicine on his bites.  I said, “I see you got eaten up by the mosquitos too.”  His response, “Yeah the lizard bites are pretty bad.”  I tried explaining to him that he didn’t get bit by a lizard but I don’t think he believes me.

He fell off of the platform of the zipline Sunday night.  I was drying his hair yesterday and I pressed a little too hard when I got around the area where he fell.  “Oh daddy, not so hard!  That is where I fell and the ants bit me.”  “OK, buddy….OK.”

This is the same B that tried to convince us that an alligator was in the basement.  He was close.  It turned out to be a lizard.  I’m not sure if it was the same lizard that supposedly bit him on his leg.  We have been seeing the same lizard around the house the past few weeks.  How do we know it is the same lizard?  B2 looked like he was dancing with it one night while trying to catch it.  He stepped on the tail and it parted with the lizard.  So there is a tailless lizard running around close by.

So if you are around our house watch out for the wildlife.  The ants and lizards are pretty vicious this time of year.  Don’t mind the snakes, they’re pretty friendly.

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  1. Too funny! Hannah is afraid to walk in the grass because she is convinced that giant spiders live there and will bite her. She only saw ONE spider while playing in the sprinkler last summer, but she is convinced they are all over the yard. Crazy kids!!

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