How I Single-handedly Prevented the Rapture for Two Years in the 80's

When I was somewhere between the ages of 8-11 I heard yet another message about the rapture.  I was saved at this age but let’s face it, to a child the rapture isn’t exactly something that you’re hoping will happen right away.  I mean I wanted to graduate  high school, get married and have kids.  I wanted to experience some more of life here on earth even though I knew that heaven would be a wonderful place.  Stay with me here, this is how kids think.

Anyway, since I was a very determined child I set out on a mission of sorts.

At some point during that particular sermon something like this was mentioned (or at least this is what my approximately 9 year-old brain heard)

– If there is ever a day when you think that Jesus is coming back that will be the one day that he probably won’t.

Well that’s when the wheels started turning and how I prevented the rapture for about two years in the 80’s.  I purposed that everyday when I woke I would think to myself.  “I bet the rapture will be today”, in turn causing God to say “Well I guess it won’t be today then”.  At one point during my “trickery” I thought it necessary to think this to myself in the morning and at night to get me through those eight hours when I would be sleeping.

At some point I lost my dedication to the cause and decided I would just give control back to God.  I mean He probably knows best anyway.

So let’s hear it, certainly someone out there has some funny church related stories of their childhood.  Or I would feel really bad knowing that I was the only one to think such things.

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