Monday Mind Dump

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

We started Saturday off pretty early for us.  We headed over to the garden and installed an electric fence around the garden.  Casey driving the Gator with MeMaw holding on to B4, B3 sitting between them, B1 and B2 in the back with me and Casey’s dad.  It is up and hopefully fending off deer from our stockpile of vegetables.

Casey and I shot a wedding in Greensboro for some friends of my parents later that afternoon.  It was a short, sweet and nice wedding.  I’m sure Casey will share some pictures in the future.  They were in a bind when they ended up with no photographer a week before the date.  Casey and I are in agreement that we would probably never photograph an elaborate wedding.  Something about consequences if you don’t get that perfect shot.

This also reminds me of why I have never had the desire to work in a hospital or medical field doing IT.  If my computer fails at work it is just a hassle.  If I worked in IT at a hospital the consequences would be much greater.

God really moved in the services yesterday morning at church.  I missed the last half performing an exorcism in the basement of a sleepy/hungry/angry B4.  I am kidding about the exorcism……….

B3 informed me tonight that his foot was in fact NOT waterproof.  He had rubbed a blister on his foot from his crocs and when he got in the shower it started burning.

My brother has a second round of interviews this week at a local school system.  He is applying for a high school math / assistant football coach position.

B4 woke up Friday morning with these words. “Cookies……….Cake………..Yum”  That’s my girl!

B3 has been riding his bike pretty frequently lately.  His pedal fell off the other day and he exclaimed to Casey, “My brake braked off!”

We did get to go out to eat after shooting the wedding Saturday night, thanks for the babysitting mom!

I’ll be preaching during the morning services at church June 5.  We would love to have you as a guest!

Have a great week.

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