To Catch You Up…

So blogging has been a little off lately between school break, conference time, etc. I think I failed to mention earlier that we’ve been on a break from school for about two weeks and a half weeks now. We’ll be starting back next week, you know about the time everyone else is thinking about getting out for the summer. It’s okay though, I think this schedule will actually work well for us in the long run. We’ll be looking at another shorter break around August or September. But don’t worry we’ll still be enjoying our share of summer activities. The boys are all signed up for their summer 4H camps and I’m praying that our summer holds lots of sunscreen, long summer evenings, and water (really praying for the possibility of some salt water too). Have I ever mentioned that this is my favorite time of year? Yes, even when I’m pregnant, which I am of course even though it’s not the topic of conversation around here much. But everything is right on track and I’m getting bigger by the day and still happy to be welcoming this little one in the fall.

Our state homeschool conference was held last Thursday – Saturday and David and I were able to be there for most of it. I’ve talked about it before being such a time of refreshing and encouragement, that’s been much needed around here by the way, just being able to be around like-minded people for a few days is nice. Other than meetings or trips with our homeschool groups we aren’t typically around a lot of homeschoolers, we don’t have any in our church or family so it can be a lonely road at times. We heard great talks about biblical parenting, mostly, because like I’ve mentioned before homeschooling is about 90% parenting and 10% school. As always we realized areas where we can and will try to improve on but mostly we just received the encouragement needed to continue on this track that can be so overwhelming at times.

David did mention that we shot a wedding a couple of weekends ago and I realized I never shared one photo with you. So I’ll share two of my favorites today as an “I’m sorry” gift for the slim blogging content lately. I’m sure David will have something awe inspiring for you tomorrow, no pressure honey.

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