A Chore System That Works For Us

Today is Thursday which just happens to be clean-up day around here and I thought I would share with you all how our clean-up day has changed over the last few months.  I wrote a while back about a new chore system that we were using in our home.  It’s called Mangers of Their Chores by Steve and Teri Maxwell and it’s been a real blessing to our family.  But first let me take you back a few months ago.

Clean-up day used to be a very hectic day for me.  While our house is not excessively large the sheer fact that it is stacked in three levels makes cleaning a long process.  B1 and B2 would be in charge of cleaning their room and other duties as assigned.  Sometimes they done the job well, other times not so well but either way a lot of my time was spent going behind them and making sure they had completed the assigned task.  In the end I still ended up doing most of the cleaning that our family would normally take care of.

Since we’ve started using our new chore system things have looked a lot nicer on clean-up day.  B1, B2, and B3 have their own assigned weekly chores (done on clean-up day) these are separate from their daily chores but that’s another post altogether.  Their jobs don’t change and they’ve been fully instructed on how to do the job so that it passes inspection.  After a job is ready to be inspected a chore card is placed in a certain place letting me know that it’s ready for me to check.  They do get paid for doing their chores now ($2.00 a week if they do all daily and weekly chores as they should be done without being reminded) they don’t often get the whole amount.  If a job does not pass inspection they don’t get paid for it but the still have to correct anything that’s been neglected.

The kids have fully embraced this new program.  With all three of the boys doing their jobs they are able to fully clean five rooms in the house, vacuum two sets of stairs and furniture, clean out the inside of the car, and other small tasks.  This leaves me with a manageable amount of work on clean-up day and it’s certainly worth the money that we pay them for their jobs.

How about you guys, anyone want to share any chore system that works for you?

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