School’s back in session tomorrow!  Three of us are happy and excited to get back to it there is only one that’s still undecided.  But, there is one person that’s way more excited than anyone else.

Yep, B3 will be starting pre-school this year.  He is ecstatic to get started.  Funny thing is I certainly don’t think that pre-school is necessary and wouldn’t have planned on pre-school for him this year but he’s so stinking excited to get started I hated to put him off another year.

So, how do you fit teaching a pre-schooler in with teaching two fourth graders.  Well my plan is to pretty much include him into everything that we do.  Maybe he can’t diagram and label the parts of a spider, but he can draw and color one while learning a few facts about them.  Even though he can’t really do division yet he can cut a cookie into parts and learn about halves and wholes.  It shouldn’t  be difficult to include him in Bible and character studies.  We even moved some furniture around today to make a place for him at our school table.

So here’s praying that tomorrow goes well for everyone, we would appreciate any prayers from you guys as we start in on another school year.  Have a great week!

One thought on “Anticipation

  1. I know exactly what you mean about being “so” excited to start! Sarah couldn’t wait to “do school” so she started last year with Hannah who was starting 2nd grade. She basically did worksheets, puzzles, colored just different things to make her think she was “doing school”. But, we did start phonics, so she will hopefully be reading by the end of Kindergarten which she will start in August. I hope all goes well on your first day back!

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