Monday Mind Dump

The past week have been filled with birthdays for both our moms.  Happy Birthday Moms!

We did a little cleaning and rearranging on Saturday while Casey was gone.  I was glad that Casey got away for a little while with her mom and had some much needed alone time.  The kids did great cleaning out the art room getting ready for their “new” bench.  We refinished a church pew a few years ago and it wasn’t working out in the school room.  Now it is a reading bench in their room.

B2 had a little incident this past weekend that got him in trouble.  After talking and disciplining him he had to go to B3 and apologize and tell him that he was not setting a good example.  B2, who normally is not lacking for words, was stumbling between words a silence.  During one of the awkward pauses B4 blurted out “SPEAK”.  Casey and I pretty much lost it at that point.

My parents gifted us a membership to the pool a couple of blocks away from our house.  Casey and the kids visited today after school was over and had a great time.  They even met another homeschool family.  I can’t wait to go and I’m sure the kids will spend a great amount of time their this summer.  Thanks!

My brother got a job last week.  He’ll be teaching high school geometry and coaching football.  We are very proud of him!

Our pastor was out of town this past week and I had the opportunity to preach the morning service.  I can’t tell you how honoring it is to preach God’s Word.  I’m not worthy of His love but thank Him for His grace and mercy!

Someone at work has been rearranging their office and turning their desk into a standing desk.  Have you seen this InfoGraph on Sitting Kills?

I have been thinking over the past few months about how people apologize, publicly and privately.  Michael Hyatt hit the nail on the head with his post today on The Difference Between Sin and Mistakes.

I replaced Casey’s iPhone battery tonight.  It was easier than I thought it was going to be, but wasn’t a walk in the park.  Hopefully her smart phone won’t be acting so “dumb”.

Share what you are doing this week or what you are looking forward to this summer.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!



2 thoughts on “Monday Mind Dump

  1. I miss you guys – we need to get together soon. I’ll e-mail Casey about that.

    Ahh, busy week here! Last night we had supper at Mom and Dad’s, tonight David has a softball game, tomorrow is Church, and Friday a good friend of mine is getting married. <3 Saturday looks free (WOW!) 😉 and then Sunday is Church. Much to keep us busy, and much in the Lord's house, which is fabulous!

    Love you all!

  2. We miss you guys also. I’ll be away most of Friday and Saturday at a retreat but we need to figure out something soon. Glad things are going well and yes these weeks are seeming overly busy for us also.

    Love you!

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