Favorite Summer Activities

Summer’s been in full force around here lately.  Lots of baseball playing, popsicle eating, and water seeking.  Besides the fact that we’re happy to jump into a pool or puddle of water anytime we get a chance here are other things that we seem to routinely do during the summer months.

1. Tie Dye – We love color in this family so any chance we get to dip an article of clothing in some dye we go for it.  Summer seems the best time to do this because we can do the dying out on the porch with a small amount of clean-up afterward.  We normally use the tie dye kits you can buy at local craft stores.  My only warning – tie-dying is totally addictive so make sure you have plenty of items on hand!

2. Water Painting and Ice Play – Even young kids love to paint but if you’re like me you’re a little hesitant to hand over a paint brush to a one year old.  The alternative – Go outside, fill up a cup or small bowl with water and give them some paint brushes.  The best part – anything goes when you’re painting with water and it dries really fast in the summer!  When all else fails and you need to occupy little ones outside while older are playing ice cubes can be your best friend.  Dump some ice in a bowl and let them go at it, you’ll be surprised at how creative they can be.  I’ve seen ice be cars, tools, and all kinds of things.

3. Meals Outdoors – In the warmer months on days when I have plans to be out with the kids we normally take a picnic lunch with us.  This way we’re able to eat lunch out at a park or any picnic table without having to run home or spend money on fast food.  In the event your outing doesn’t take as long as planned you can just eat your already packed food out on the front porch or under a nice shady tree at home.  The best part about eating outdoors, of course, is the small amount of clean-up required so we take the food outside any time we get a chance.

4. Farmer’s Market Saturdays – This year we’ve planted a pretty good size garden ourselves so we’re praying that we’ll have our share of veggies but in years past we’ve spent quite a bit of time at our local farmer’s markets.  If you’ve never taken you kids to a farmer’s market you’re really missing out.  They range in size, our city has a small market, but lots of cities have larger ones and offer a variety of foods and activities.  We’ve bought everything from bread to veggies to local grass fed beef and organic chicken.  I can’t stress the importance of supporting your local farmers so please head out to a local farmer’s market this summer and keep these farmers in business and thriving.

So please tell us some of your favorite summer activities to do as a family in the summer.

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