WayBack Wednesday – Earning Money

Casey has talked within the last week about chores for the kids.  B2 has been asking recently about how he could earn some extra money so he can save it.  Money burns a hole in B1’s pocket.  All the kids are saving for something.  B1 – anything he has money to buy, B2 – a hamster or a laptop (depending on the day, and B3 informed me he was saving up his money for an alligator.

In the spirit of entrepreneurial spirit I wanted to share a picture of the lemonade stand the boys had a few years ago.  I have a feeling we will see this at some point this summer.

3 thoughts on “WayBack Wednesday – Earning Money

  1. My kids are convinced that they are going to run an ice cream truck this summer! It may end up being an ice cream golf cart! But I still don’t know how they plan to make money on something so expensive, I guess we’ll have to hope for very generous family members!

  2. Awesome! Casey, remember when we did that as kids. I think we may have earned some extra money that day!

  3. Wow Cynthia that’s big scale, an ice cream truck! I like the way they think though.

    Yes April I do remember that, we could totally earn some money now on our much busier road!

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