Longest Week Ever

Short post tonight.  This past week has seemed like one of the longest weeks ever.  Casey was out of town last Friday and Saturday, I was gone from early Tuesday morning to late Wednesday night, we’ve had a missions conference at church since Wednesday, and B1 has had two camps this week for 4H.  It has been a long week.

Casey had a good time and returned safely, I made it home in one piece, God has been good and B1 had a good time at his camps.  We should be able to get some rest this weekend 🙂  Rest is such a relative term.

I pray everyone has a great Father’s Day this weekend!  What does everyone have planned for father’s day?

One thought on “Longest Week Ever

  1. The boys are spending the day with David’s parents – today includes lots of cleaning out closets, toys, clothes, dropping off at Goodwill, and then David has a softball tournament tonight. Tomorrow includes Church and hopefully fixing meals of David’s choice 🙂 Happy Father’s Day!

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