Mind Dump Monday

We had Evangelist Russell Bell at our Missions Conference again this year and he was a real blessing.  He ended Sunday morning and we had someone from Reformers Unanimous Sunday night.  I’ll be preaching Wednesday night and everyone is welcome!

I just got back from a quick trip to Sheetz to pick up some frozen coffee for ….. Casey….. I was wearing a Vanderbilt University Football shirt that I bought on clearance for $2.  A guy walked up and gave me five and started talking about how Vandy beat the Tar Heels a few weeks ago.  He then proceeds to pull up his shirt and show me a Duke tattoo on his chest.  I think I need to go back to my rule of no logo clothing.

When I was in Texas last week everyone was wearing cowboy boots, hats and belt buckles.  Yes, even at the computer company we visited.  I’m glad I didn’t have a lot of extra money with me.  I’m not sure how my family would have reacted if I would have come back dressed like that.  Some people can pull those off.  I’m just not sure I can.  Maybe we will see 🙂

It did get up to 110 while we were down there.  And we were required to wear a sports coat.  It was hot, dry heat or not.  It was hot.

I got to go work in the garden last week staking up some tomato plants.  It is nice to get back to working the ground sometimes.  I hate being in an office all day.  This is one skill our kids must learn.  I fear this is getting lost on a generation.  It reminds me of seeing some school kids at the fair a few years ago.  They didn’t know where sausage or ham came from.  You can’t make that stuff up.

I can’t wait until Wednesday.  Ultrasound time and we should be able to find out whether we are having a boy or girl.  Then we can begin playing the name game.

Our garden really could use some rain.  Not sure if you are inclined to dancing or not.  If you are please do a rain dance for us.

During my trip to Texas I saw two people really make fools out of themselves.  It involved men using loud unsavory words toward women doing their jobs.  One a rental car attendant and the other a flight attendant.  Something had to be said the second time.

We had a good Father’s Day around here.  We celebrated on Saturday with a good breakfast, lunch at Chic-Fila and went to the Maker Faire in Raleigh.  It was pretty packed and we didn’t get to see as much as I had hoped for.  I think the kids enjoyed it or at least they pretended to.

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