The Longest Day of the Year

That was today in case you missed it.  Also it was/is the first day of summer, although if you’ve ridden by a pool lately you would’ve thought summer started weeks ago.  Our day was pretty average I guess.  School went off without too many complaints, we learned about trap door spiders and watched this video to go with it.  Now B2 is certain that he’s found a trap door spider’s home in our back yard, let’s hope he’s wrong.

B1 and B2 washed our van, it was actually a punishment for events that happened yesterday.  I’m quite certain they forgot about it being punishment as they were spraying each other with the hose.  B3 even got in on the action as he is now old enough to squeeze the handle on the sprayer.  B4 played in the baby pool on the porch and continually asked me if I wanted a milkshake, of course I wanted a milkshake but she never could deliver.

The afternoon was filled with crayfish catching for the boys and napping for B4.  After supper we all ended up outside in the still smothering heat where we played until everyone was thirsting for some water.  It’s now almost nine and all the kiddos are in bed, David is working on his message for tomorrow night and I’m about to get a head start on grocery shopping.  So I would say that the longest day of the year has been a pretty full one.  How did you guys spend the day?


One thought on “The Longest Day of the Year

  1. filled with work, laundry, dishes, and making my own laundry detergent! I’m so excited that I could make it on my own, it works…..and it’s CHEAP! Loving the pictures, and cannot believe how much B4’s hair has grown! Love it!

    Love ya’ll so much.

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