Another Blessing

Today has been a real blessing!  It was ultrasound day which reveled a healthy baby, Praise God!  It was also David’s night to preach which is always a special treat.  I was able to spend some quiet time with B1 who accompanied me to my appointment this afternoon, it was good for our relationship.  Now it’s late and I still have to finish up my grocery shopping so goodnight everyone!


Wait, did I forget something?

















It’s a Boy!!

6 thoughts on “Another Blessing

  1. wow, another boy!! Your daughter is going to have so many “protectors” in her house. You and David won’t have to worry about her! Praise the Lord for a healthy baby!

  2. I’m a little late in reading this- but congratulations!!!! B4 will have plenty of protectors! Now you can start getting rid of girls things. Unless there is a possible B6 in the future….! 🙂 Hope you are continuing to feel well Casey!

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