Have you ever been walking in a busy or crowded area and almost bump into someone because they were engrossed in their phone?  I have almost run slap over students at school because they are busy working out their thumbs on a phone.  I get picked on at work but I turned off the texting service on my phone a long time ago.  If you need me call me or e-mail me.  kthxby  Unfortunately I do know how to read the language, but I do not use it!

Casey and I took the kids out to eat a while back to a local place.  I think that it was the last day of public school classes in the area.  There were a few kids with their parents eating as well.  My eyes were drawn to a the circular booth in the corner of the restaurant.  You know the one that seats about 6.  The one you have to get in and skooch all the way around.  It was a man and a woman on the ends and three kids in the middle.  A happy family out eating lunch on the last day of school.  One of the sons had a medal around his neck.  I assume from awards day or something.  The kids all looked to be in elementary school in varying grades.

They ordered and out came the devices.  Dad on his iPhone, mom on her blackberry and the kids just sitting there.  Dad was playing a video game and mom was texting and smiling.  The kids were trying to have conversations with their parents, but they were distracted.  I have seen the opposite so many times.  Kids on Gameboys or iPods ignoring their parents, but more recently I have seen the opposite.  Mom and Dad on their devices ignoring their kids or man and woman together ignoring each other.

I am not throwing stones here.  I have been guilty of it and I’m sure you have been to at some point.  It always becomes real when you can step back and look at it and take it for what it is.  So pocket the devices!  Don’t text the whole time you are talking to someone else.  If you are with your family holster the phone.  Don’t be DISTRACTED!

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