July 5th Mind Dump

Holiday Blogging Vacation was nice and I can’t remember what has happened since then.

We celebrated B3’s birthday yesterday with a cookout that included football, baseball, snap-pops, hot dogs, cake, candy and a pinata.

I headed over to the garden last week to see what I could pick after a couple days of rain.  I got to pick a few ticks off of my legs.  That was it.

B3 usually fights nap time a little bit.  Monday I told him he was going to have to take a nap in a little bit so he would be ready for the party.  About 15 minutes later everyone was looking for him.  I peeked in his room and he had already got into bed and fell asleep.  Today he was back to his normal self, refusing to nap.

B4 has insisted on sleeping in a hat for the past few nights.  You know there comes a point and time when you just give in and go with it.

B1, B2 and I went to Walmart Saturday to pick up a few things and they wanted to buy a present for B3’s birthday.  It was funny watching what they thought he would like.  I had to reel them back in when it was obvious they were shopping for themselves.

B3 was positive that he wanted crab cakes for his birthday.  I still don’t think he understands that a crab cake isn’t a regular cake with a crab on top.  He will be sorely disappointed when I finally get him some crab cakes.

I was getting ready to leave this morning and I heard B4 coming around the corner.  I came running at her and told her by.  She backed up, eyes really big, a huge smile and laughingly said, “Haha, dadda you scared me”  Oh, how she melts me.

We had a bear running through our city last week.  He didn’t make it to our house, but the boys were outside and ready to catch it.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and continue to enjoy the independence and freedom we have.  Our pastor preached on the dependance we have on Christ.  What a great feeling to know that we have an independence to exercise dependence on Christ.  Thank God that we can worship and praise openly.  Now, go out and do it!

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