It Works For Us: A Staycation

This week was a bit of a staycation for us.  David ended up taking a few days off and we opted to stay in town instead of going away.  We used the money that we would have spent on a vacation to do some local things as a family.  We went out to eat a few times which is a pretty rare occasion for us.  We made some footwear purchases, you know they necessary ones that you tend to put off because of the shear cost.  The boys all got treated to a minor league baseball game and David and I were even able to have a date night.  We were able to spend quite a bit of time at the pool with dad, he doesn’t get to go very often, and just all around enjoy some family time together.  We even had some friends over tonight as our last big event before returning to our “normal” tomorrow.  The best part was every night we came home and everyone slept in their own beds!  We were also able to keep up with our laundry and cleaning using lots of teamwork and it wasn’t really a burden at all.  So we didn’t spend hours laying on the beach and playing in the sand but dare I say that we actually had more fun than if we had gone away to the beach.  It was less stressful and more relaxing just hanging around home with each other and loosening our extremely tight budget for a few days.  While we are still hoping for an opportunity to head to the beach sometime this year I have to say that staycations work for us!

On a slightly off-topic note:  On our date last night we were able to see a play in Burlington called The Last Sin Eater that was an amazing production.  It’s based on a book and screenplay by the same name and was put on by Act On Ministries.  For more information about the play or Act On please visit their site at

3 thoughts on “It Works For Us: A Staycation

  1. We did a stay cation this past week as well! It actually ended up with a stay cation for the first half and on a complete whim we ended up at the beach but just for about 48 hours. Staycations are lovely 🙂 Glad you had a great time!

  2. Becca, last minute stay/vac cations are always the best!

    Yes Kelly let’s not wait so long again, we had a great time!

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