I'm Still Maintaining My Love For Summer

It’s been hot here the last few days, like around 100 with the heat index.  Now that may not seem hot to some folks but that’s about our limit here in NC.  People complain about the humidity and rightfully so because it makes regular hot turn into unbearably hot.  We went to the pool yesterday after supper and it was even hot, not the least bit chilly when you walked in and it takes some pretty hot weather to make a large pool hot.  It’s been so hot that the thought of walking near the kitchen makes me sick, I’d rather just eat cereal and go to the pool and I don’t even like cereal.  It doesn’t help that I’m carrying a few extra pounds these days although that always reminds me of why I would really hate to be overweight and makes me strive to maintain a normal weight when I’m  not pregnant.  Our bedroom is upstairs which is the second hottest place in the house (you know the whole heat rising thing) which also makes B4 bedroom that’s connected to our room and doesn’t have it’s own vent the hottest place in the house.  I’m not sure how you guys feel about this but I hate to be hot at night.  It makes me not be able to sleep, I kinda feel like I’m smothering.

Does all that sound whiny?  I’m really not whining just trying to express how hot it’s been here, but if you live here you already know that.  The fact is I still love the summer!  Even though it’s really really hot.  Hot trumps cold in my book any day.  So here are a few tips for beating the heat while not hauling yourself up in the house all summer long.

– Take the kids out to play early.  We’ve been going out at around 8 am before we start school, we still have a nice amount of shade then and the kids get a little romp before we get started with our work.

– Take a container of water every where that you go.  It really does make a difference having some cold water close by when you start to get a little heated.

– Require a quiet time during the hottest part of the day, (usually between 1-4).  I try to get the kids that aren’t napping to head for the basement, the coolest place in the house, and keep them from opening doors to the outside.  I also try to rest a little during this time because pregnant or not the heat takes energy from everyone.

– Use ovens before 1pm.  Get any cooking you can done before it gets so hot, you’ll be glad you did.

– When you have to be outside stay out of the direct sunlight.  In other words find some shade!  Direct sun can give me a headache like nothing else.

– Head for the water.  Baby pools, big pools, sprinklers, water balloons, whatever you have fill it with water and cool off.


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