Porch Sitting

Do you have a special place in your home, a quiet place, a place where you can think?  Yeah me neither.  But I do have a retreat that I go to when I need a few minutes of peace, well other than the bathroom sometimes I hide in there.  It’s our front porch.  We don’t really live on a quiet street per say but the porch is usually significantly quieter than the inside of the house.  It’s not the seating that lures me( rocking chairs aren’t really known for their comfort) or the lovely view (mostly you just watch cars go by) it’s just the sitting while taking in nature that has a calming effect.  Listening to the birds sing, trying to figure out what’s rustling in the woods or looking at the cool spider webs that those arachnids can spin is really what’s it’s all about.  The prime time though would be during a thunderstorm, watching the clouds move and the trees blow, that’s when the sitting gets really good.  I think I’m even converting my husband to porch sitting.  We’ve discovered that if you stick your feet in a baby pool and close your eyes the cars going by sound like waves crashing.  So call me old or whatever but I’ve decided I’m a porch sitter for life.  What about you?  Do you have a spot that you can relax at in or outside of your home?

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