Monday Mind Dump

It seems like I have gotten the past few Mondays on the rotation.  So everyone gets another Mind Dump Monday.

A few weeks ago I told B3 that he had to spit his gum out before he took a nap.  He asked me why of course.  I told him it would fall out of his mouth and get in his hair and then we would have to cut all of his hair off.  I heard him get up from his nap this weekend and go into the bathroom with Casey.  “Momma, it’s a miracle.  I fell asleep with my gum and it didn’t get in my hair!”  Hopefully that won’t turn into a habit.

When we were looking for a vehicle back in November/December we drove to Winston-Salem and talked to a few people.  We test drove a car that we didn’t buy, thank goodness!  The dealer told us he would call us back if he could find something on another lot.  Fast forward nine months later, he called earlier tonight to see if we had bought a vehicle.

I was getting ready to weedeat Friday night when a yellow jacket flew up my pants and stung me on the knee.  It was under our large gas can and came out when I moved it.  A couple of weeks ago we used that gas can to get rid of a nest.  I’m pretty sure he was waiting to get revenge.

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