Hour by Hour

Isn’t motherhood full of up’s and down’s?  I’m not even talking about good days and bad days here I’m talking more like good hours and bad hours.  I used to have a hard time recovering after we had a bad start to the day, okay sometimes I still have this problem.  Then I heard a wise woman speak on mothering and about how God gives you what you need to get through each moment, and each hour of the day.  Yep, that means he may not give you first thing in the morning what you need to get through the whole day (much like he doesn’t give you on January 1st what you need to get through a whole year).  This has made it much easier for me to try and “overcome” when the tone seems like it’s already been set for the day.  For example I could be having a seemingly fine day until nap time yields a four-year-old who refuses (by the way of screaming) to nap.  It’s an inconvenience to say the least.  It’s frustrating, especially when it means having to make multiple trips up and down the stairs to deal with the situation.  It’s an exercise in patience, which I routinely fail.  But, 20 minutes later when said four-year-old have given up the battle there are a few precious moments of peace in which I can truly say “thank you God for this hour”, I have to use this time to recover otherwise the rest of the evening is doomed to be, well, less than lovely.  What does recovery time look like?  Well for me it’s usually reading something from the Bible/praying, reading something encouraging, listening to a preaching service online, just typing a few words to my husband while he’s working or most days it’s all three.  Today it appears to be blogging about the situation.  The important part is hopefully the rest of the day can be salvaged and not ruined by a 20 min. long incident in the middle of the day. So what about you guys, what helps you recover from a rough patch during the day?

On a somewhat related note I came across this blog post the other day and thought it was right on target and worth sharing.  Yes, this is truly the hardest part of mothering and it’s not what you would expect.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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