I wanted to start this post/rant off by saying I am not an old up-tight fuddy duddy.  I heard about this the other day and finally found a clip of it online.  Have you seen this pastor’s prayer before the NASCAR race last Saturday?  He said he was trying to put the fun in fundamental.  Watch below.

OK.  So what is your take on his “prayer”?

First, we do not pray to people.  He was not praying to the crowd, drivers or those listening on tv or radio.  Christ paid the ultimate price and laid down His life so that we have direct access through Him to God.  If we have accepted this free gift of salvation then we can go boldly to the throne with our petitions.  Jesus serves as our mediator and intercessor.

I do not take prayer lightly.  It is not a joke.  I know he was trying to be funny and take quotes from Talladega Nights, which I have not seen.  You would think a pastor would be a little more serious about speaking to God?

Famous Christian Evangelist Billy Sunday once said, “A church full of make-believers will beget a generation of non-believers.”

If Christians are joking around about the doctrines of our faith then are non-christians really going to be drawn to Christ?  I don’t believe the notion that he was trying to make people feel comfortable with church.  That is one of the biggest problems today.  People are too comfortable with where their relationship with God stands.

Let me hear your opinions.

3 thoughts on “Prayer?

  1. I’m glad you asked. I was offended that a preacher would publicly pray in this manner. I had no idea some of his words were taken from a movie. Why do so many preachers feel that they must entertain? We need truth.

  2. I was riled up about this one. They played it on the radio and even the DJ’s were saying that it wasn’t right to pray that way…… was sacrilegious and offensive.

  3. Howdy! I didn’t listen to the prayer, because I’m sure it made the Lord sick, therefore, it would make me sick! I agree. There are too many “christians” who take christianity too lightly, and feel that they can ride the fence so to speak, living and talking like the world, but yet thinking the whole time that they are pleasing the Lord. The bible does say we are to love the people of the world, but not love the things of the world. The preacher, if he is truly a saved man walking with God, should’ve taken the opportunity to pray a “real” prayer, that would cause them all to think about where they are with the Lord in their own hearts. I must check up on my own heart daily!

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