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So I thought this would be a good time to do some pregnancy related posts since, ya know since I’m pregnant and all.  It’s much easier to talk about pregnancy related things when you are actually pregnant.  It’s true that some women love being pregnant while others pretty much despise it.  I figure no matter where you fall on that scale there are some things that can help you thrive instead of just survive through your pregnancy.  Of course keep in mind that these are tips that have helped me but as we all know pregnancy can be very different for different women.  And today we’re talking about eating while your pregnant.

Most women have a love/hate relationship with food while pregnant.  I find that for me, especially during early pregnancy, I need to eat often.  Hunger is definitely my nemesis.  An empty stomach actually makes me feel nauseous and it’s best to avoid it at all costs.  Often times this means packing a snack for myself when I go out.  And possibly shoving an energy bar in my mouth while I’m walking to the bathroom at church, not that I’ve ever done this before.

Some women have aversions to certain foods.  I have had this on occasion and I find that it’s best to heed your body’s warning.  For example, I can’t eat salads during pregnancy and the thought of a salad makes me cringe.  The lettuce does not digest well for me and it’s best for me to stay away from it altogether or I will regret it.

And, oh the food cravings.  Well, I have these even when I’m not pregnant.  There are times during pregnancy when you just have to eat what you can stomach and during those times you hope that it’s not something like Whoopers because that might be bad for the figure in the long run.  I think for me cravings tend to be things that my body needs anyway.  Sometimes I crave vegetable soup or stew especially when I haven’t been eating veggies the way I should.  Sometimes I crave watermelon when I haven’t been keeping hydrated as well as I should and so on.

The second trimester is a much better time for food.  I don’t seem to get quite as hungry as fast.  While I may not feel sick when I start to get hungry, I do find that my energy gets very low when I don’t have a couple of snacks throughout the day.  I try to make my snacking count with finding something that I think will stay on my stomach for a bit.  Crackers, pretzels or fruit dipped in peanut butter works pretty well or one of my favorite snacks is pecans and dried cranberries. Most importantly during the second trimester (and always in general) you should stop eating a little bit before you fill full.  Since your metabolism slows when your pregnant it’s very easy to over eat and then feel really yucky within an hour or so.  Also remember you don’t need to consume very many more calories than when you’re not pregnant, only about 300.

The third trimester, which I’ll be headed into in a few weeks, can be a more challenging time for eating.  You get to the point where you just can’t eat very much at a sitting.  Smaller meals and more snacking is important here.  Again, over eating will make you miserable and will not help you any in the long run.  At this point I try to be very selective with my food choices.  Let go of those empty calorie items, they don’t make me feel good anyway after I eat them.  Sometimes in the third trimester I also find myself trying to eat my most substantial meal at lunch and making my supper lighter.  This isn’t always easy when you have to cook for your whole family, but there are times when I feel like a bowl of cereal would sit better than beef roast so I go ahead and eat the cereal while they eat the beef roast.

So there you are, my thoughts on eating while pregnant.  Now I’m off to have a snack but I would love to hear your tips on the topic.


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  1. Can I blame you for sympathy cravings? I tried the mocha frappe yesterday and wished I hadn’t. Now I see myself craving that icy delight every single day.

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