Job Descriptions

I hate writing job descriptions.  I also hate writing them down on resumes.  What is the most famous last line on every job description?

Other duties as assigned…..  Beware of this!

A few months ago in school the boys were talking about fathers and character traits.  I think the assignment was something like list what your dad does for your family.  There were some funny ones, fix drinks, and some heart felt ones, preach and do devotionals, and then there were some important ones.  KILL SNAKES!

What would a job description for a dad look like?  Think of all the things that are required to be a good father.

Love Jesus, love mom, read bedtime stories, kiss boo-boos, change diapers, elephant rides, protect from snakes, professional backyard funtime participant, the list could go on and on.

Tonight I added a new line to my job description as a father.  BLACK WIDOW KILLA’

I had to use the slang for killer.  It just sounds more hard core right?  B2 was running around flipping rocks over to see how many frogs he could find.  He turned over one and a black widow was hiding in a web.  Luckily the boys had just finished studying spiders in school.  He yelled, A Black Widow!

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