The Mad Scientists

We took a field trip last week to a laboratory.  You already know where this is going, right?

Anyway a well loved church members of ours just happens to work at a lab at UNC.  He offered to set up a little field trip for our family to let the kids explore and learn more about what goes on in a laboratory.  It was really a great trip!  He arranged for us to meet one of his co-workers (a for real chemist) who took us around the lab and even let the boys get hands on with some of the goings on there.  They were amazed with the huge microscopes, all of the extremely precise instruments, and dry ice.  Yes, they were greatly impressed with the dry ice.  Oh and the pizza and cookies that they so graciously served us for lunch were a big hit too.

Sooooo, guess what the boys have decided to turn their clubhouse into?

Yep, a laboratory.  David helped them build a workbench on Saturday and we even splurged on a fan so that they can spend tireless hours researching and experimenting.  It is fully equipped with a microscope and lots of bottles for holding lots of…, whatever it is their making out there.

In the end it has cost us about $20.00 and some varying amounts of salt, baking soda, and flour.  So be prepared for big things from these guys.  Did I mention that we’ve been reading about Thomas Edison?  Yeah so, inventing is kinda on the brains too.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated on any major breakthroughs that we have.  I even have word that someone came up with a recipe for glue, too bad Elmer’s already has that going.

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