Thank You

Have you ever typed something in a message to someone and wished you could have used the sarcastic font?  The title of this post should be in the sarcastic font.

My mom was telling me earlier this week about a change from their insurance company.  Thanks to them for informing my parents, who have lived in the same house for the past 26 years, that they no longer lived in a fire district.  This new revelation in turn would double my parents insurance.  So I’m guessing that if the house caught fire no one would come?  In fact, they live pretty much in the middle of two districts.  If they needed help two departments would respond.  That means they are double protected, right?

When I thought that nothing could top that, I come home today to get some more bizarre news.  Thanks to the city for informing us that they were changing our street address.  What?  Your joking right?  According to the city there are some mismatched numbers on our road.  For safety purposes 3 houses on our road are going to get new numbers.  The letter started out with a “possible solution” of changing our address and ended by telling us they had notified the tax offices.  Thanks city!  And get this, our number is going from 101 to 181.

Who would you like to THANK this week? <— Note the sarcastic font!

2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. I would like to say thanks to…..I JUST changed my address back….now I have to change it again….good grief…..

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