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Do people still read?  I mean really read.  Casey and I were talking tonight about how people consume information.  I was on a panel discussion today at a conference talking about social media.  I touched briefly on the topic of social media really limiting this generation on how they think on complex topics.  Are we limited to thinking in 140 character chunks?  I am an information junky.  I like to read a huge amount of information and sometimes this leads down a long road of research.  And yes, as my wife can attest, leads to me retaining a huge amount of “useless” knowledge.  Notice those quote marks.  I’m sure it will come in handy one day.  Fact learned today – To get a butterfly to land on your hand use a cotton pad soaked in sugar water.  You can thank me later for that one.  Maybe I could start a sub blog on useless knowledge I learn every day 🙂

Back to daily reading habits, sorry.

Wake up in the morning and read my morning devotionals.  Don’t think any less of me, this is usually done on the Bible app on my phone.  I also check my e-mail and twitter feed.  If I see a link or something I want to look at more in depth I e-mail it to myself.  I check my e-mail to see if anything has blown up overnight or if I need to address anything before I leave for work.

When I get to work I check my e-mail again.  Reply to anything that needs to be answered, etc.  I then check my RSS feeds to see if there is anything interesting.  I subscribe to around 200 websites that range from web design, leadership, christian, marketing, freelance websites.  So the content is pretty varied.  I’ll mark those I want to read later.  That usually takes around 10 – 15 minutes depending on how many e-mails I got from the night before.

I’ve gone back and forth on the e-mail front.  Leave it open, check only three times a day, check it every time I see a new one come in.  Our workplace has become so dependent on e-mail and is the main way I get questions and requests.  In a given day I may get 10 – 20 direct e-mails with requests on top of phone calls.  I continue to try new methods of not letting e-mail distract me from getting work done.

I have been using my lunch hour for going back and reading in my Bible.  Our family has recently started a reading through the Bible plan.  So I will read the passages for the day and take notes so that we can share that night.  I will also go back and read anything I have marked to read for later during this time.

I will go back to e-mail throughout the day and check my local newspaper website.  I use a free program called EverNote to post any notes, images, web addresses, thoughts, etc so I can go back to them when I need to.  This syncs on my laptop, desktop, iPad, iPhone and on the web.

At night I normally work on a freelancing project, study, read or just enjoy time with Casey after we have put the kids to bed.

Those are my daily reading habits, what are yours?

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  1. The day starts with emails, then facebook, twitter, blogger, I pick the blogs I want to read – get breakfast – then come back and read while I eat – then I check Pinterest and start the rest of my day. Followed by constant email contact for the entire 9 hours I’m at work. Bible reading typically fits during lunch hour.

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