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My wife has had some great Thriving through pregnancy posts the past few weeks.  I thought I would try to help out the husbands a little bit.  I am by no means an expert, just ask my wife.  I hope some of these will help you!

Marriage is not 50/50 despite prior information.  It is 110/110!  Just fyi, “we” will not be delivering the baby either.  Your wife will have to endure hormone induced mood swings, cravings,weight gain and a lot of other things.

She’ll need all your support, and you’ll need all your strength and grace to make it through.

1. If You’re Not Excited, You Better Be! From start to finish.  When your wife tells you that she is pregnant your first response better be, YES!  That enthusiasm better increase every time you tell someone you are expecting a little one.  Trips to Babies R Us looking at bumper pads, wraps, strollers, wipe warmers will met with a smile and an opinion.  A little secret about the babies room.  Just do it.  Paint a tree on the wall, yes dear.  A changing table in the corner, yes honey.  Get this done before the nesting phase sets in.  You don’t want to be moving these things a hundred times.  But be prepared to do it anyway.  REMEMBER…  Smile while you are moving them.

2. You are SO beautiful!  I shouldn’t even have to explain this one.  She is carrying your child.  She is beautiful and should be reminded of this All. The. Time!

3. Hormones.  I don’t really want to explain this one.  I love you honey.  Everyone is different.  Proceed with grace and patience.

4. Think about her needs.  Massage her feet. Give her some time away.  Spoil her. These thoughtful gestures go a long way. Go out late at night for that craving she just has to have.  Let her go shopping for some clothes that make her comfortable.

5. Baby Items. You have to have everything when that first baby comes.  Let your wife go a little crazy with the baby items. If you’re on a budget, be nice about it and help her find some good deals.  By the time you get to baby 5 you will know you could probably do it with a roll of paper towels and some duct tape.

6. Baby Names. Have an opinion.  Come up with a list of names and share together.

7. MAN UP.  I don’t usually like using those words, but in this case it is simply put.  Your wife carried your child and delivered it, you CAN CHANGE A DIAPER!  It doesn’t matter how nasty or how early in the morning it is, just do it.  If you are in the middle of a Mexican restaurant and your young child explodes volunteer to take them out to the car.  Sometimes you may have to sit in there and bypass supper because you had to trash the clothes in the garbage can. 🙂

8. Helping Hand. It may seem simple but always be there with a helping hand.  Pick up things that fall, get things that are on the bottom shelf, help her out of the chair/sofa/floor.

9.  Let Her Rest.  She needs her rest and sleep. Before baby comes and after they’re here.  Make sure she gets it.  If your wife is like mine you almost have to handcuff her to the bed to get her to lay down.

10.  Date Night.  Ok, this is for both of you.  You must have that time to connect before and after the baby comes.  Your focus will be on the new baby, but you can’t leave your relationship in the dust.

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  1. That was great! I am so excited that you guys are on baby #5–your right about the paper towels and duct tape–but I’ll not tell Mark about that, he might have to try it out to see if it works!
    Love you guys!

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