Thriving Through Pregnancy – Dealing With Your Growing Self

So I’m still talking about trying to enjoy your pregnancy instead of just surviving it and this week I’m talking about how to deal with your growing body.  I’ll try and break this into categories since this is a pretty broad topic.

Dressing your growing body

Maternity clothes, although needed to some degree during pregnancy, are expensive.  I’ve learned over the years that it’s not important to have a ton of maternity clothes, you just have to improvise a bit.  At this point in my pregnancy these are the maternity pieces that I have: 3 pairs of Capri pants, maybe 4 tops, and one skirt.  Yep, that’s it.  *Side Note, I would actually have more maternity clothes but during our move 2 years ago mine went missing so I had to start from scratch with this pregnancy.  So how does that work?  My typical outfit would include one maternity piece (top or bottom) and one non-maternity piece (top or bottom).  I own a few pairs of yoga pants in my non-pregnancy size that I can wear throughout nine months of pregnancy because they fit under my belly, paired with a maternity top it makes a great stay-at-home kinda outfit.  When I need to go out of the house I wear a pair of Capri pants or skirt paired with a non-maternity top that is still long enough to work.  Since most of my non-pregnancy dresses and skirts are made from stretchy material I am able to wear most of them throughout pregnancy.  Another great product is the Bella Band, it helped me be able to wear my normal pants much longer than I would have be able to otherwise and I’m hoping it will help again postpartum.  My only other advice with clothing is to have good shoes, or your feet may tell on you.

Dealing with the aches and pains

I would say most pregnant women deal with some sort of ache or pain related to pregnancy, some that can be mild and others which can be quite painful.  I can only talk about the ones I experienced at some point during my pregnancies, maybe someone who has dealt with some other ones could chime in with some advice.  I can say that for upper or lower back pain, Sciatic nerve pain or other spinal related pains, a chiropractor is a must.  I’m not going as much as I should during this pregnancy but I’m definitely going when I have aches and pains and it’s a huge help.  I also wear a maternity belt when I’m going to be doing lots of walking to help carry some of the weight that falls onto my back.  This pregnancy has dealt me a new pain of carpal tunnel which I will go to the chiropractor for tomorrow to see if she can help with.  I haven’t had much experience with swollen feet or hands so I can’t offer much advice on those.  Mild cramping which happens occasionally can using be alleviated with laying down and drinking some water (dehydration can cause this).  I am prone to headaches (even when not pregnant) and though I’ve tried many things for this 2 Tylenol (safe during pregnancy) usually does the trick.  Braxton Hicks contractions shouldn’t be painful although they can be annoying and you can’t really do anything but deal with those.  Real labor pains, well you’ll just have to decide for yourself what you want to do about those, but at least by that time you know your headed for the home stretch.

Sleeping, traveling, and trying to stay comfortable

Sometime during your second trimester or before back and front sleeping both become pretty unmanageable.  That’s when you have to become a side sleeper.  Some doctors say that sleeping on your left side is best, but most now say that either side is okay.  Here’s my pregnancy sleep postion:  on my side with a pillow under my belly, and possibly an extra pillow for my head or shoulder area.  I usually have to flip from side to side throughout the night to stay comfortable, but overall it works pretty well.

Traveling during late pregnancy just can’t be but so comfortable.  I try to make sure I’m not wearing any restrictive clothing that could put extra pressure on the belly area.  Stopping frequently is important, otherwise you may have legs/feet start to go numb.  My biggest tip in this area is, travel before you get too big.

Well those are my tips on dealing with your beautiful, growing, pregnant body.  I would love to hear any advice that you guys have.


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