What's Shaking?

What else did you think that I would write about tonight?  I work in a two story building that looks and is built like a house.  It is right next to the train tracks.  The building shakes when the train roars by multiple times a day.  Today when the train went by, blew it’s whistle and kept going something strange happened.  I kept shaking.  The desk was shaking.  My chair was shaking.  It was a weird experience.  Nothing I had ever been through before.

I stood up just to make sure it wasn’t me.  I looked online and reports came pouring in of people feeling the earthquake all up and down the east coast.  Casey felt it.  No big deal.  She just thought a plane was flying pretty low.  Which they have been lately, that is another story for another day.

I saw an interview with Obama this afternoon and when asked where the epicenter of the earthquake was, he responded….wait for it, “Bush’s Fault”

Sorry, I couldn’t pass that one up.

So, where were you during the Great Earthquake of 2011 and did you feel it?

One thought on “What's Shaking?

  1. I was in my office on the phone – I did feel it and so did the lady I was on the phone with! She said, “um. My office is shaking!” It was interesting! and of course, as always, Facebook got the word out faster than WRAL could!

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