To My Dear Husband On His Birthday

So maybe today wasn’t a very relaxing birthday for you but, I was happy to spend it with you anyway.  Nothing makes me happier than having you by my side while teaching our children, picking up our groceries, cleaning our house and cooking our supper.  Sure a beach trip would have been nice but being able to spend the day together as a family doing our normal thing is a sort of a vacation all it’s own.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that I immensely enjoy spending time with you, and honestly wish we had a chance to do it more often.  I find that pretty awesome, the fact that we still enjoy each other’s company, when so many times that is not the case with married couples.

Please know that you are loved, appreciated, looked up to, and prayed for by the kids and I.  We don’t take lightly the things that you do for our family on a daily basis.  The hours are long, the work is hard, but the rewards will be great one day.  So on your birthday enjoy some Mt.Dew and cheesecake before bed, don’t forget that you did get to sleep in this morning, and please remember that I LOVE YOU!  Happy Birthday!

2 thoughts on “To My Dear Husband On His Birthday

  1. That is so sweet and nice. We really should appreciate the every day stuff we get to do together, because one day, we may not have that luxury!

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