Short Story

Have you ever sat and listened to someone talk about something for what seemed like an eternity and ended with, “to make a long story short”?  Why didn’t you just give me the short version to begin with?  I have been told at work that when I speak it is short and to the point.  I am not one that loves to go on and on just to hear my voice.

I think when someone is writing creatively to share it is nice to be short and let the reader fill in the details.  Much like a picture is worth a thousand words a simple sentence can be worth a thousand words.  The clearest example of this is a short story attributed to Ernest Hemingway:

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

That 6 word “story” says a lot if you read into it.  I’m sure it can be interpreted many ways.  I know we have some writers out there.  What can you come up with in 6 words?

Mom on couch, porch light on.

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