At Some Point I Forgot

Two weekends ago we needed a family outing,  Just some time to clear our minds, entertain the kids, and exert some physical energy all at the same time.  We’ve enjoyed hiking in the past as a family and thought it would be a great Saturday to try it again.  The weather was good so we made a lunch and loaded everyone into the car for about an hour and a half of driving to go hiking.

At some point during all of this excitement I must have forgotten that I was almost 30 weeks pregnant.

Anyway we arrived, ate our lunch, strapped on the little one, and we were off to hike down to the waterfalls at Hanging Rock State Park.

I may have forgotten here that hiking down to the waterfall would also have to include walking back up to the car to leave.

I think it’s only a mile and a half down to the waterfalls, not too bad right, especially since I walk and/or exercise everyday.

This the point where I forgot that hiking a mile and a half and walking a mile and a half are totally different. 

The hike down really wasn’t that bad, I could still breathe (mostly) by the time we got there and the kids weren’t that far ahead of David and I (except they totally were).

I did manage to sit down for a few seconds while everyone took in the beauty of the landscape around us.

At some point there were too many people there so we headed back to the car.

At which point I remembered that hiking back to the car would require me to lift my very tired and weary legs up to my hip to make it over the rocks we were hiking.

Just so you know, I was not in good enough condition at this point to try and exaggerate this height in this picture, this is truly how steep it was.  Not to mention our children consistently choose the more difficult routes.

Just when I thought for sure I would have to camp there we did manage to make it back to slightly flatter ground and back to our car.

Yes, hiking at 30 weeks pregnant is not something that I’m likely to forget very soon.

2 thoughts on “At Some Point I Forgot

  1. Ha! Ironically, we did that same thing on the same day and uh, at that point we took a very “easy” trail….yeah the guide must have forgotten the steep desent on that trail when he recommended it. Well, I was still pretty sick, with not much stamina. Needless to say, I was a mess by the time we got to the car. But thank the Lord I made it to the car! I wish we had of met you guys while we were there that day! Oh well!

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