Because Who Doesn't Like Baby Chicks

Yes, we are incubating eggs!  Our local 4H club has a program that allows homeschoolers to do their very own embryology program at home and we’re super excited to be a part of it this year.  The boys and I went to a class last week and were able to take our borrowed incubator and materials home along with the eggs.  Twelve eggs to be exact which we’re hoping will turn into baby chicks in about 21 days or so.  While we may not have twelve baby chicks in the end we’re hoping to have at least half of them hatch, which we learned is pretty common.  And the question on everyone’s mind.  What will come of the baby chicks?  Well, the eggs are basically borrowed also so they will be returned about five days after birth unless we choose to buy them, which we won’t, unless we move to a farm in the next 21 days.

Our eggs just made it into the incubator last week so there’s not much to share as of yet.  They do all have names, strange names, but names nonetheless.  For now we’ll just be watching, waiting, turning, and learning all that we can about this new little adventure.  So does anyone else have any experience hatching baby chicks?  If so please share.

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  1. How fun! I would love to raise chickens myself, but unfortunately where we live there are so many predators I don’t know how successful that endeavor would be!

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