Back from the beach

We made it back from our vacation.  Is it time for another one yet?

The chicks are doing great.  We only had one, Mocha, that wasn’t fertilized.  We should have baby chicks around next Thursday.

The highlight for the kids on vacation was one of our trips to the pier.  Starfish, octopus, net fishing (I’ve never seen someone cast a net and pull up a dozen good size fish from the pier), 6 foot sharks hanging out around the cleaning areas when someone was cleaning fish.  That had to be the most interesting.  I know we stayed there for about 5 minutes watching the sharks fight over the fish.

We also found a ton of sea shells.  Specifically the Bali Olive and a few sharks teeth.

We returned to a broken air conditioning unit.

It’s always hard to go back to work after vacation.  B1 came with me to work this morning and to my first class today.  B2 came last week.  I’m sure they were so thrilled with the work I do…… It was hard keeping them awake.

B1 and I got up this morning and ran.  When we got back in B3 came in the bathroom with his spiderman pajamas and a hat on and said he was ready to go for a run.  This is much funnier seeing it than me talking about it.


2 thoughts on “Back from the beach

  1. How cool! Where did you guys go?? We are hoping to head that way next week–Lord willing, and it would be so fun to see that stuff on the pier. We love to walk out on piers, but we usually don’t see anything exciting! Glad you were able to get away, and get back safely!

  2. Cynthia, we went to Cherry Grove (right beside North Myrtle Beach) and stayed at the Prince Resort which is right at the Cherry Grove Pier. The only downside was it’s 1.50 per person to walk on the pier luckily we saw some great stuff and it was way cheaper than going to the aquarium.

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