The day I almost lost my wedding ring

We had just moved back to our hometown and I had been at my current job for over five years.  I remember that little bit of information because my employer offered a five year gift.  The catalog consisted of waffle irons, lanterns and other knick knacks.  I opted for a sterling silver man ring.  I have never been big on jewelry, but I thought I would try it out.  It came in and I wore it for a while.  It grew on me.  I always took my wedding band and other ring off at night and stuck them in a drawer next to our bed.

One Saturday morning B1 ran into the kitchen and told me that B2 flushed my ring down the toilet.  My mind went into panic mode.  My wedding band is a silver ring with 10 small diamonds set in it.  I assumed that B2 would have picked that one because it was shiny.  Luckily when I got in there it was the 5 year man ring that I had ordered out of the catalog.  We had a long talk about flushing things down the toilet and I haven’t taken my wedding band off since.

I was doing finishing work on some drywall Sunday night and thought it would be a good idea to remove my ring.  I tried, B2 tried and Casey tried with no luck to remove it.  I finally settled on covering it with some electrical tape.  It is probably not coming off anytime soon.  Which is good 🙂  I have read a few blog posts the past couple of months posted by men concerning wedding bands.  One had lost his a few times and didn’t see the need to wear one.  I’m not going to down those who don’t wear theirs.  I know it is just a symbol.  I like what it stands for and is a small reminder of a ton of memories.  Sometimes it will catch my eye and it makes me smile.  Remembering when it was first put on my finger, remembering that day and looking forward to days to come!

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