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I took a friend out for lunch today that is getting married next weekend.  Talking about his pending nuptials reminded me of where I was at mentally when Casey and I got married.  It doesn’t seem like that long ago until I talk about it and realize it was almost eleven years ago.  I enjoyed talking about all that I remembered.  That day went by fast!  Waking up late, getting a Biscuitville biscuit and I honestly don’t think I ate again until late that night.  Being stranded at the airport in England.

One of the funniest memories I have is coming back to our apartment after the reception.  The limo driver dropped us off still in tux and dress.  We made our way upstairs and a couple of guys were grilling on the back breezeway.  One of them holding a pair of tongs dripping with bbq sauce told me I better keep the line of communication open for a successful marriage.  Funny that I remember that so clearly until this day.  I still have to work on this day to day, but is a great piece of advice for any couple.

What are some nuggets of advice you would give a couple who are getting married soon?

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  1. Definitely communication is key – and ladies, remember, he’s not a mind reader, so just open up and tell him what you need from him, otherwise he will never know!

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