And Then There Were Ten

So our chicks have been hatching over the last two days.

It’s amazing, the whole process.  I’d have to say that both the adults and children in the house have been in awe just watching everything take place.

Here are our first four chicks to hatch.  We have lots more now, ten to be exact.  I will take more photos of all of them at some point, they’ve kept me pretty busy today though.  But they are cute, so that helps, and the kids adore them.  If you ask the kids who’s spent the most time watching the chicks, they would tell you Mawmaw.  I think she kinda likes them, you know for now.  We’ve noticed that having chicks around the house causes you to have super sensitive bird hearing.  I hear chicks in the car when I’m driving, David hears them at work, and B1 thought he had one following him outside.  It’s odd.  More to come on the chicks later, but for now I’m tired.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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