Mind Dump Monday – Landing Planes and Such

“We’re circling the airport”, is what the doctor said this past week at my now weekly appointment.  I guess he’s right although, there are probably a few more things I should get done before baby boy decides to make an appearance.  My weekly email tells me to install the infant seat in the car, but that seems a bit premature.  As much as I would like to think that this baby would come so fast we simply wouldn’t have time to grab the car seat before rushing out the door, I’m thinking that will probably not be the case.  It also tells me I might want to make some meals ahead of time and put them in the freezer, yeah I’ll get right on that too.  All I really feel like doing at this point is eating something chocolate every two hours or so, it doesn’t seem to cause much indigestion, that and I like chocolate.  I’m feeling okay though for the most part.  My foot tendonitis appears to be getting better so I have been able to resume a bit more activity the last few days.

B3 has a fever today so I’m praying that we can all endure whatever virus this is and be well before the baby comes.  The idea of having an infant during cold and flu season makes me want to lock everyone on the house for the next four months or so. People with three or less kids probably don’t think about things like that.  Once you have more than that you start to do these weird equations in your head to help you figure out when the next child will get sick based on when they were first exposed and how long it will take the entire family to get over whatever illness has reared it’s ugly head.  Pray for me and my lack of faith concerning such things.

We were able to finish up our room rearranging this weekend.  Our schoolroom is now on the same floor as where the baby will be during the day which will be much easier to manage.  The boys all share a bedroom as before and B4 has her own little room off of the schoolroom.  The playroom along with most of the toys in the house are now in the basement.  Our bedroom is child free for the moment, that won’t last long though.  I’m hoping we can stick with this arrangement for a while, it seems to be working so far.

B1 and B2 have enjoyed the change in whether lately, they spend a good amount of time outside cracking open various nuts that have fallen off of trees.  B3 doesn’t understand why it gets dark so soon in the evenings and B4 is still playing in the sand box and talking about the beach (that’s my girl still longing for summertime).  All I really enjoy about fall is pumpkin spice latte’s from Starbucks but this is David’s time of year so I’ll pretend I like it a little.

If you would please keep our family in your prayers, for the safe “landing of our plane”, and various other things the Lord knows all about.  And, if we can pray for your family about something please let us know.  Have a great week everyone!

3 thoughts on “Mind Dump Monday – Landing Planes and Such

  1. I’ll definitely be in prayer – and if you could pray for CJ, he has surgery to have that cyst under his lip removed in November – he started asking for us to have it taken off. We had planned to just let him queue us when he’s ready and apparently he is. Love you so much – let’s do lunch again soon – and I’m bringing you a meal when B5 comes, so just keep me posted, please. DM me if you want to let me know when would work.

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