What age do kids understand sarcasm, cliches or stop taking things literally?  I’m not really sure.  I’ve met adults that don’t get some of these things.  Tonight I caught myself three times telling the kids something and they took it the wrong way.

Thursdays is clean up day and I normally have the task to go around and check the kids jobs.  B2 always needs a little reminding of where he needs to spend a little more time.  I told them tonight I would take around some note cards for everyone and make a punch list.  B2’s eyes got big.  He thought I was going to punch them for every thing they forgot to do.  I had to quickly explain what a “punch list” meant.

B3 has had a little bit of a head cold the past couple of days.  When he got out of the shower today I got caught in between saying blow your nose and dry off.  It came out as, “blow your nose off”.  I was coming at him with a tissue and I guess he thought I was going to grab his nose off his face.

The worst for last.  Poor B4.  This one made my heart melt.  B4 was getting ready to get in the shower and kept running away from me.  I finally got her in the bathroom.  I turned the shower on and got her toothbrush ready.  “Jump in the shower B4”  She thought about it for a millisecond then jumped into the shower.  Of course she slipped and fell in the shower.  She gave me one of those confused/why did you tell me to do that daddy looks.  I felt bad.


2 thoughts on “Literally

  1. Oh, well, that happens! The funny thing is, apparently Mark and I are very sarcastic at times, and our kids are too. Only they have no clue what they are really saying when they use those phases! It is very funny what they come up with!

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