On Target

My dad is a hunter.  He has been a hunter every since I can remember.  I went a couple of times….  B1 wants to be a hunter.  He talks about how he is going to go hunting when he gets older.  Except for the small animals, the animals that have kids, the animals that have moms & dads, you get the picture.  We have told him that whenever he gets to the age that he will have to eat anything he kills.  He understands and is still ready.  We passed by an albino deer a few weeks ago and I asked him if he would shoot it if he saw it in the woods.  “No!  it is too pretty!”  I guess we will see how the big game hunter turns out.

In the meantime the boys bought Nerf Guns last Christmas from money the received.  The kind that shoot out the sticky darts.  I went to Lowes and bought them a shower board that they could draw on with a dry erase marker.  They they could shoot it and the darts would stick on the board.  I walked into their room the other day to make sure it was clean and found their targets.  I HAD to take a picture.  I sat their a few minutes laughing and finally took a picture.  I’m sure you will want to buy these perfect targets in mass quantities.

I’m pretty sure it is an elk, squirrel, and a rabbit.  Hopefully B1 didn’t have any of his brothers holding the targets and running around.  We did some target shooting in the yard Saturday with his BBgun.  B2 has a nice future as a sniper.  Needless to say we should have a pretty fortified home.

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