A Birth Story – B2


Then three short months later I found myself purchasing a pregnancy test at the drug store while holding an infant car seat, that gets you some strange looks by the way.  It was soon confirmed that we would indeed be welcoming a B2 into our lives.  It was an exciting time but also a time of fear, I had been out of work since B1 was born and it soon became obvious that I might need to go back to help afford our growing family.

B2’s birthday was also on a day where I had a scheduled doctor’s appointment.  His due date was March 8th and he was born on the 5th.  It was obvious at my appointment that day that I had started to make some progress and was decided that we would go ahead with an induction to get things on their way (this ended up being a very wise decision because it was noted after his birth that he had all the signs of being overdue).  After a quick trip home to get B1 situated we were admitted into the hospital where B2 was born sometime around 8pm that night. B2 came in weighing a chart topping (for us anyway) 9lbs. 8oz. and he even had hair!

And there we were, a family of four with our two boys about 12 1/2 months apart.


At this point we had no clue how we would handle these blessings so close together.  But, we we’re pretty sure of a couple of other things.  1.  We were done having children   2.  We would only be in our early forties by the time our kids were grown and out of the house.  But as it sometimes goes, these things would eventually change.  To be continued..

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