A Birth Story – B3



The next four years went by pretty quickly.  We bought and sold a couple of houses, trying to find the perfect place to make home for our little family.  I was still working part-time, we had begun researching schools for B1, and we managed to catch up on our sleep as our boys were getting older by the day.  At some point we had a realization that we weren’t required to fit into the two child mold that is so common these days and thus a B3 was born.  He was our first summer baby!  It was decided that we would induce about a week before my due date since our first two boys were on the large side.  The first two deliveries had gone well, the concern was that the babies would progressively get larger making a safe delivery more risky.

We went to the hospital the night before our scheduled induction because my water was leaking.  The induction didn’t get started until my mid-wife came to the hospital the next morning and things finally begin to move along.  B3 was my most difficult labor thus far simply because I was sick.  I had, had a cold for a few weeks and still had a terrible cough and an awful headache.  Nonetheless, he was born sometime earlier in the day than the previous two and we were officially a family of five!

B3 ended up weighing in around 8 lbs.  It became very apparent that we were meant to be parents of boys, but we were used to boys so that was okay.  B3 would come to fit in perfectly with his two older brothers and our house would still be filled with much blue and green, at least for a couple of years.

To be continued….

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